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A North American Tungsten-Molybdenum Development



October 2021

Welcome to Northcliff Resources Ltd.

Northcliff Resources Ltd. holds an 88.5% controlling interest in and is the operator of the advanced-stage Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project in New Brunswick. The Sisson Project has the potential to become a near-term critical metal producer, providing new primary supply tungsten and molybdenum to North American, European and Asian markets.

The Sisson Project is based a large, structurally controlled, intrusion-related tungsten-molybdenum deposit amenable to open pit mining. Northcliff announced the positive results of the Sisson Project Feasibility Study in January 2013. Since that time, the Sisson Project has received the following approvals:

  • New Brunswick Environmental Impact Assessment - 2015
  • Federal Environmental Impact Assessment - 2017
  • Metals and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations Schedule 2 Amendment (MDMER) authorisation - 2019
  • Sisson Fisheries Act Authorisation and Off-setting/Fish Habitat Compensation Plan - 2020
  • Construction commencement timeline extended to December 2022 - 2020

The current focus is to secure construction and operating permits, off-take agreements and project financing.

Northcliff has a proactive approach to community engagement. The Company has been engaging with project stakeholders and First Nations since 2010 to provide project updates and early notification of work programs, to better understand local priorities and concerns, and to discuss potential economic opportunities that could be derived from mine development.


Todd Corporation (Todd) of New Zealand has an 11.5% interest and Northcliff an 88.5% interest in the Sisson Partnership, which owns the Sisson Project. Todd also holds a 41% interest in Northcliff.

A North American Tungsten-Molybdenum Development
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